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We strive to recommend the best black realtor(s). They are vetted, experienced, have solid reviews, and a track record of success.

No offense to rookie agents, but most of them will work with just about any and everyone. An experienced realtor will be more discerning and will work with clients who are fair, respectful and professional.

Makes sense right? The best lawyers don’t have time to work with every client like most public defenders. Ditto for the best doctors, accountants, coaches, engineers etc…the good ones are busy and usually don’t have time for nonsense.

You’re dealing with the most expensive asset in your life. You want to work with the best. A few tips to make sure you don’t get fired as a client. Yes, believe it or not, good realtors won’t put up with certain clients and decide not to work with them.

You may think agents are all the same so you’ll just find another…and you will. There are far too many agents out there. Truth is, you’ll probably end up with an inexperienced one.

This is not to bash buyers or sellers. We love ya’ll. Seriously. But trust is a two way street and you’ve got to put in the work as well and treat everyone fairly.

Realtors in our network are professionals at the top of their game and they will bend over backwards to help you. Here’s a few things you can do to make sure you’re their favorite client.

Don’t Miss Appointments – Initial Consultation

Let’s say you’re a first time homebuyer and you’ve done everything right so far. You saved money, have steady income and got pre approved for a home loan.

Realtors will usually schedule an initial buyer’s consultation with you. Do not blow this appointment off. This will set a bad tone for the relationship. This is your chance for you and the realtor to get to know one another and see whether it’s a good fit. Sort of like a first date.

realtors shaking hands

This consultation is not just about setting you up on an online portal and sending you homes that fit your criteria. Anyone can do that.

This is about the realtor educating you, answering your questions, and demonstrating their expertise so that you understand the process: what to expect, making offers, how contracts work, home inspections, how contingencies work, how appraisals work, title etc…

If you miss this appointment or don’t communicate that you have to reschedule, something came up, you’re feeling sick etc…then it’s like blowing off the first date. Sure, it’s not the end of the world but it gives the person the impression that you don’t value their time. Bad start.

Searching for a House

During the appointment, your realtor will listen to your property and location requirements and then set you up with an online portal to send you listings that match your criteria.

That said, it’s 2022. Almost every listing is freely available online so you may see a home you like before your realtor does. This does not mean that they are not working for you.

This is a common misconception. You think that because you found the house you like, then you’re doing all the work, right? Again, anyone can find a home. That is, quite frankly, the easiest part of the job. The real work begins once you’ve decided to move forward with the home.

Plus, this is where you can and absolutely should feel free to take the lead role. Sure, you can describe the location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet etc…but only you know the “one” when you see it.

Maybe the house has a certain look, feel, lighting, feng shui etc..that is hard to put into words. Things are a bit more subjective. Again, feel free to take the lead here.

smiling black realtor with happy family who closed on a home

Trust Your Realtor to Do their Job

However, things that are not subjective, that are based on numbers, should be left up to your agent. The listing price, how much to offer or accept, what percentage of closing costs can be negotiated etc…a skilled realtor knows these numbers and much more. Lean on their expertise. That is why you hired them. Let them do their job.

A good agent would have gone over much of this with you during the initial buyer or seller consultation. If this was done right, the client, you, will trust the leadership and knowledge of the realtor.

If, after this consultation and subsequent dealings with them, you’re still questioning them, perhaps that realtor isn’t the one for you. But you can’t half-step it. Either you’re in or you’re out.

You can’t commit to one realtor because you trust they know their stuff, and then turn around and not take their advice when it comes to writing offers, setting the price of your home, negotiating offers etc..

If you’re an investor or retail buyer who is going to consistently write low-ball offers, even after your agent told you there are multiple offers on the property…

If you’re a home seller who didn’t listen to your agent, set the price of your home incorrectly, then gets mad at your agent because it’s sitting on the market forever…

You get the point.

Communication/Managing Expectations

If you’re working with a good realtor you’re not going to be their only client. It’s just the way it is. Should the realtor be responsive, absolutely. Should you communicate with them regularly and have your questions answered? 100% yes.

And if you’re not feeling as if the agent has time for you or doesn’t have your back, fire your agent. Seriously. You have every right to move on.

But ask yourself whether you’re being reasonable first. Understand that you’re not the only client the agent has.

black agents handing keys to a new home

The agent is working with other clients, negotiating other deals, looking at properties with other buyers, talking to other loan officers, listing agents…Don’t get upset because the realtor doesn’t respond asap to every email, text or call to them saying they should drop everything because you want to view a home you found on Zillow, asap.

It is impossible for a realtor to be on call at a moment’s notice for every single client. However, it is perfectly reasonable for you and their realtor to perhaps have a schedule where you discuss your questions, concerns and/or properties you would like to see and make offers on. Again, as long as the two of you communicate and have reasonable expectations of responsiveness.


It is perfectly fine to tell your realtor that you’re in no rush to buy or sell your home. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can tell them “I’m waiting for the right deal” before I buy.

Agents have clients that need to find a house yesterday. The school year is starting for their kids. Their new job is starting. Whatever the reason, they are ready to go right now and they just want it more. They will be put at the top of the list and you will be moved towards the bottom of the list.

Then you’ll feel like the agent isn’t responsive to your needs. If you’re not planning on buying or selling a home for months, then there’s really no need to even work with a realtor until you’re ready to be honest.

As long as both sides are transparent and honest with each other, then everyone is on the same page. As with any relationship, communication is key.