A proud Jackson native, I’ve leveraged lifelong local ties and a passion for the city to help hundreds find their perfect Capital City home.

As a buyer, you have questions. What areas will appreciate most? Am I getting a good deal in the long run? Should I buy a new construction or an existing home?

Sellers face difficult questions as well. How should I price my home? How do I maximize the value of my home for a potential sale? Can I rely on you to negotiate the best offer for me? What if I'm buying a home as well? Let me be your guide.

With over 15 years experience, my approach is hands-on, driven by your needs. I’d love to help you prosper in Mississippi's thriving capital!

Editor's note, this is just one example of several black real estate agents in our network in Jackson. Please visit the home page,, so we can connect you with the right agents in MS. We work with quite a lot, depending on which city you're looking for.

Location: Mississippi, Jackson


Jackson, MS

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