Struggles of a Black Real Estate Agent

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It’s hard being a black realtor. There are far too many stories of covert racism that black real estate agents have had to face. There are times when neighbors call the cops on you for simply doing your job!

Sometimes it’s buyers backing out and choosing to work with other (read white) real estate agents instead. Or your agent profile being buried in search results on the major platforms like Zillow or despite your stellar reviews and performance.

Hell, even white men on Quora will admit that if you’re not a white woman, you’ll have a harder time selling. Now these aren’t opinions or excuses, they are merely facts.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and superstar black real estate moguls in the commercial and residential sectors that break through the ranks because…well because we’re awesome.

That said, they are exceptions to the rule and many black realtors have to work twice as hard to achieve half of the results of their white counterparts.

What if there was another way? What if there was a platform that helped surface and highlight  the best amongst us? What if you could generate leads the same way the best real estate agents generate free leads on the other major platforms?

That’s where can help. We connect black home buyers and sellers with black realtors in every city in the country.

Many African American homeowners would like to work with a realtor they can trust who looks like them. They also want the best of the best to ensure that they can sell their home quickly at fair market value.

If you’re a Rockstar realtor, come join our platform and see how you can help our people either find the home of their dreams or sell their existing ones at a fair price.

Equity is the key to wealth. Come help build up your community and help close the economic wealth disparity gap one home at a time. Come join us.